Young Conflicted Soul

12/12/2012 22:21
Hello everyone, instead of posting a devotional today I decided to post one of my original poems. I wrote this poem three years ago and it was inspired by a young man I knew at the time. I knew he and he knew had a calling from God on his life but at the time he was struggling with living for God and living in the world. He was what we call “lukewarm” or living on the fence.  
But I knew that young man had a special calling on his life. He just had to deny his flesh and go the transition process or pruning process to be ready to get to his called place.
We all have calling from God on our lives. Not all are called to preach but are called to serve God’s people in some form or fashion. And until we walk in our calling…our destiny…our purpose….we will all be “conflicted souls trying to be whole” Because the only that can complete us in JESUS….and there is nothing like walking in your calling.......
So I hope you enjoy the poem! You can comment below at… the bottom of the page below all the posts or if you follow me on twitter…send me a tweet and let me know what you think!
God bless you all and thank for you the support!
Young Conflicted Soul By: Amber Bryant
Young conflicted soul…
Trying so hard to be whole
But yet you can’t seem to find your way
You struggle with this inner battle from day to day
You know you are suppose to lead the world with your teachings
Deliver the gospel with your preaching
But yet you try to live two different lifestyles…and you wonder why things never seem to go right
You praise him in the morning but you do your dirt at night
You gotta get out of the dark if you wanna see the light
Though I can’t judge you my young conflicted soul because none of us are perfect and we all have fallen short of the glory
But it doesn’t matter about our past transgressions because we all have a story
So you can’t sit and ponder
Think and wonder
Because you know your destiny….you know your calling
So why are you stalling
So my young conflicted soul what are you going to do?
Are you going to man up and own responsibility… the Lord is calling you
So I think it is time for that transition... you know what have to do….
My young conflicted soul the Lord is depending on you
So stand up and take your responsibility and get in position
Don’t worry God has anointed you so the people will listen
You can try to run away from your calling…but you can’t hide
You can’t fight the battle inside
So you might as well give up and surrender and let him in
That is the only way you will truly ever win
My young conflicted soul
You try so hard to be whole
Trying to find you way
Just keep seeking Jesus and you will get there some day