04/13/2013 15:09
Hello Everyone!!!! Starting Monday I will be launching #WitnessWeek. All week long my blog postings will be focused on witnessing. For the whole week I am encouraging you all to go out into your communities, your schools, your jobs, or anywhere you feel led and spread the Gospel!
Often we focus on our own personal struggles and problems and neglect that Jesus has called us to do a greater work and that is to go out spread the message of salvation to the masses. So it’s time for us to put our own personal issues to the side and go out witness to the unsaved and lost.
Someone is hurting right now. Someone is lost, confused, and depressed and needs rest and peace for their souls. Someone is living in a bondage of sin right now and his heading down a highway to hell. If only you would speak a Word in their life. If only you would introduce them to someone who can change their life forever. If only you would share Jesus Christ with them.
God is depending on you to win souls for the Kingdom. So go out and win some some souls! Starting Monday I will be inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and equipping you on how to go out in the field and wins souls!   So let’s do to the greater work that God has called us to do! Let’s witness!
So make sure you don't miss a single post next week! And please share this message with others!