Quiet Time With The Lord

10/17/2012 09:26
 Honestly, how often do you spend quiet time alone with the Lord? I wait will for an answer….not often…or the real answer…not all. Spending time in the Lord’s presence is not optional or something we should do when we have time. It is vital to our spiritual well-being. If we don’t, we become spiritually stagnant.
In order to develop a relationship with God, we must spend time with him. How can you develop a relationship with a person if you never spend time with them? James tells us in 4:8, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” The most important aspect of that scripture is that is when we draw close to God, he will draw close to us. So by spending time in God’s presence daily we are drawing close to him.

So every day we should spend some quite time alone with the Lord. We should find a secret place that we can spend time with time with the Lord with no interruptions or distractions.  Matthew 6:6 tells us, “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

During this time, you need to really seek the Lord. 1 Chronicles 16:11 says, “Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually.” In order to truly seek the Lord and hear from him during your quiet time, you need to be still. You need to clear your mind of all thoughts and worries and focus solely on hearing from the Lord. In Psalms 46:10, the Lord tells us to, “Be still, and know that I am God.”
So in your secret place and quiet time with God you should you be communicating with him through prayer. You should be reading, studying and mediating on his Word. You should also be listening to his voice.  God may speak a Word to you, so be actively listening to his voice.  Deuteronomy 15:5 says, “If only you carefully listen to the voice of the Lord your God, to do watchfully all these commandments which I command you this day.”


In your quiet time with God you should confess yours sins and seek his forgiveness. You should pray. You should mediate. You should worship, him you should praise him. It is your time to pour into God as he pours into you. Seek his guidance,  seek his wisdom, and his strength.

 Today I encourage you to spend at least 15-30 minutes each day in the Lord’s presence. The key to a joyful and meaningful spiritual life is having a close relationship with God. And to have a close relationship with him, you have to draw close to him.
Today’s Scripture: "O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you." Psalm 63:1