No Postings the week of March 4-9 *Spiritual Fast*

02/28/2013 22:59
Hello everyone for the week of March 4-9, I will not be posting any blog postings on this blog or my other blog I am taking a week off to do a spiritual fast. I will also be off Twitter for a week as well. So you can call it a Social Media fast.
God is calling me to spend intimate time with him. During this time, I know he will give me greater and fresher revelations and insights to more effectively carry out my purpose.
So please keep me in your prayers and I will continue to pray for you guys as well. I give God all the Glory for this blog. This blog is not about me for self-gratification or self-praise it is about all of you who read it! My goal everyday is to you give the “Daily Bread” as God gives it to me!
So thank you guys for the faithful and continuous support. It means so much to me. Also, thank for the comments and encouragement. I read every word you guys write! It keeps me motivated and encouraged!
Alright I love you guys! I will miss you guys! And I will be back blogging on March 11. So look forward to some fresh and new revelations!