I'm Back

08/30/2014 16:59
 Hello loves, I’m back! I had a wonderful week of spiritual consecration with God. I am so excited to start back blogging this week and share all the revelations God imparted in me. I really needed to spend intimate with God and I am so happy I did.
I missed you all very dearly and as always I kept you all in daily prayers. Blog posts will resume this Monday, September 1. So get your Labor Day celebration on and get a fresh Word from God to start off the week.
Alright two important dates are coming up and I want you to remember them both and help me celebrate them! The first date is tomorrow which happens to be my birthday. I will be 27! Some text me, tweet me, or hit me up on Facebook and show me so love!
The second date I want you to remember is September 9th. This date marks the two year anniversary of my blog! Two years ago that date my very first blog post was published and shared! To God Be The Glory!
Alright my loves, I hope you are having an awesome Saturday and weekend! See you back first thing Labor Day morning!