Holy Spirit Set Me Free

12/13/2012 09:08
Hello everyone, because of the positive and encouraging responses I got from the poem I posted yesterday. I decided to post another one.

I wrote this poem after going through a break up last year. I felt emotionally mentally, physically but most importantly spiritually drained. It was like the pain was so deep, I felt like I couldn’t function. I just needed the Holy Spirit to set me free!

Holy Spirit Set Me Free By: Amber Bryant

Holy Spirit set me free….
Take back everything the devil has stolen for me
My joy, my happiness, my peace
Lord I ask in your son Jesus' name for a release
A release from this pain that has held me down for so long
Lord I am tired of pretending to be strong
I keep trying but I always let my own selfish ways tempt me into going back
Lord the pain is do deep…every morning and night when I lay down I feel like I am having a heart attack
I can’t take it…Lord allow the Holy Ghost to come up over me….
Lord set me free
Lord I repent from the sin that easily besets me
I have tried to do things my way….take control and handle it on my own
But Lord I have to let you and let go and leave that situation alone
I have to let him go and move on
How can two walk together unless they be agreed
How can two walk together in a righteous path when one is living in sin and the other has been delivered and freed
They can’t and they won’t…they must part
And though I love him….and it breaks my heart
He is not going in the direction I am trying to go so I must leave him behind
Because he is holding me back from the joy, love, and peace they I am trying to find
So Lord give me the power of the Holy Ghost…to fight this battle that I am in
Lord I ask you for the days of heartache, pain, and despair to end…and let the days filled with peace and healing begin
I love you Lord and I can do all things through your son Christ who strengths me
 Lord I know the Holy Spirit will set me free…