I'm Back

08/30/2014 16:59
 Hello loves, I’m back! I had a wonderful week of spiritual consecration with God. I am so excited to start back blogging this week and share all the revelations God imparted in me. I really needed to spend intimate with God and I am so happy I did.
I missed you all very dearly and as always I kept you all in daily prayers. Blog posts will resume this Monday, September 1. So get your Labor Day celebration on and get a fresh Word from God to start off the week.
Alright two important dates are coming up and I want you to remember them both and help me celebrate them! The first date is tomorrow which happens to be my birthday. I will be 27! Some text me, tweet me, or hit me up on Facebook and show me so love!
The second date I want you to remember is September 9th. This date marks the two year anniversary of my blog! Two years ago that date my very first blog post was published and shared! To God Be The Glory!
Alright my loves, I hope you are having an awesome Saturday and weekend! See you back first thing Labor Day morning!

Guest Blogger

06/29/2014 17:14
Hello everyone, I hope you had a blessed weekend! This week on #TheDailyBread I will be featuring a guest blogger on Wednesday, July 2. My beloved sister in Christ Sequoia Byrd will be doing a special blog post about her pastor Belinda Scott. So be looking forward to that past on Wednesday and follow her on twitter @@sequoia_sade.
To my ladies, if you haven’t checked out my second blog check it out! For the month of July I will be posting 31 Days of Praying For Your Husband. So to all my ladies, single or married, click this link to found out more!
Have a blessed week loves! And get ready for another week of #TheDailyBread!

***No Blog Postings The Week of July 8***

07/04/2013 12:41
Hello everyone for the week of July 8-12, I will not be posting any blog postings. I am taking a week off. God is calling me into consecration. I know He will give me fresher and greater revelations to share you guys when I come out.
So please keep me in your prayers and I will continue to do the same. To God Be The Glory for this blog and His use of me as His willing vessel. God bless you all for your faithful and continuous support. Also, thank you for the comments and encouragement. You guys all keep motivated, encouraged, and inspired.
Alright you guys, I love you and I will miss you these few days! Blog postings will resume Monday July 15. Be ready for some fresh Bread!
Love Always,
Amber B.


04/13/2013 15:09
Hello Everyone!!!! Starting Monday I will be launching #WitnessWeek. All week long my blog postings will be focused on witnessing. For the whole week I am encouraging you all to go out into your communities, your schools, your jobs, or anywhere you feel led and spread the Gospel!
Often we focus on our own personal struggles and problems and neglect that Jesus has called us to do a greater work and that is to go out spread the message of salvation to the masses. So it’s time for us to put our own personal issues to the side and go out witness to the unsaved and lost.
Someone is hurting right now. Someone is lost, confused, and depressed and needs rest and peace for their souls. Someone is living in a bondage of sin right now and his heading down a highway to hell. If only you would speak a Word in their life. If only you would introduce them to someone who can change their life forever. If only you would share Jesus Christ with them.
God is depending on you to win souls for the Kingdom. So go out and win some some souls! Starting Monday I will be inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and equipping you on how to go out in the field and wins souls!   So let’s do to the greater work that God has called us to do! Let’s witness!
So make sure you don't miss a single post next week! And please share this message with others!

No Postings the week of March 4-9 *Spiritual Fast*

02/28/2013 22:59
Hello everyone for the week of March 4-9, I will not be posting any blog postings on this blog or my other blog I am taking a week off to do a spiritual fast. I will also be off Twitter for a week as well. So you can call it a Social Media fast.
God is calling me to spend intimate time with him. During this time, I know he will give me greater and fresher revelations and insights to more effectively carry out my purpose.
So please keep me in your prayers and I will continue to pray for you guys as well. I give God all the Glory for this blog. This blog is not about me for self-gratification or self-praise it is about all of you who read it! My goal everyday is to you give the “Daily Bread” as God gives it to me!
So thank you guys for the faithful and continuous support. It means so much to me. Also, thank for the comments and encouragement. I read every word you guys write! It keeps me motivated and encouraged!
Alright I love you guys! I will miss you guys! And I will be back blogging on March 11. So look forward to some fresh and new revelations!